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Polini Race Team 3 Minarelli. Yamaha Zuma Fly Racing Exhaust. Silent Pro for Yamaha Zuma 70cc. Malossi Variator Best Performance. Minarelli Tecnigas Triops Performance Exhaust.These GY6 engine codes will fit the majority of the Chinese scooter parts cc on the market.

Here is a GY6 engine diagram with its GY6 crankcase attribute reference numbers. Now that you got a visual what a GY6 engine diagram with its GY6 crankcase attribute means. Next, you'll know how to decipher your GY6 engine code that engraves on the GY6 lower left-side crankcase. GY6 engine code if we were to decipher each character for i. But why? The sixth letter thereafter is code for engine displacement size measure in "cc" cubic centimeter. See the table below.

Notice as each alphabetical order B-to-Y so is the engine displacement CC increases incrementally 10cc, 15cc, 25cc, 50cc, and cc. The cylinder bore is 61mm. Includes Taida Camshaft T 2V 6. Includes auto choke. This carb will help your performance engine breathe easier and goes well with a big-bore cylinder. Hola necesito saber si vendes los paneles plasticos para esta moto SSR ZNT-9 me refiero a las partes neras y a el plastico del asiento mas los laterales.

Good afternoon because I can not buy on your website, do not send to Spain, my register is tonyblasco hotmail. Main Menu. Your Cart. Bearing 2.

Bearing 3. Bearing 4. Brake Drum Actuator Dust Cover 5. Brake Shoe 6. Brake Shoe Anchor O-Ring 7.This engine has a bore size of 72mm and a stroke of 60mm. The transmission is a CVT automatic transmission. You will find this popular engine in many scooters, ATVs, go karts, buggies and mopeds. This is the standard replacement belt for the CFmoto MM liquid cooled engine. This also fits the CFmoto cc 32mm carb.

This filter delivers high air flow and clamps on to your carburetor to ensure a tight clearance fit.


Unlike some scoots this does not have a suspension cross member which would interfere with the filter installation. This will fit just about any scooter, quad, moped, buggy, ATV, dirt bike, etc. This is a very high quality Dual Layer 48mm, small profile Performance Air Filter for high air flow that clamps on to your carburetor to ensure a tight clearance fit.

This has a quality urethane flange and clamp. This is the smaller Measures approx. Mechanics Note: The brake switch on a scooter is not just to illuminate the brake light; it is also a safety switch to start the engine. If nothing happens when you push the start button, think about getting one or both of these.

Remember, you have two brake switches. Rear Brake Stop Switch and Spring for foot activated rear brake on many scooters and motorcycles. This 35w bulb is brighter and can often replace the 18w bulb.

We also stock the 18w headlight if you prefer, as well. Mechanics Note: If the engine is sluggish or won't allow you to run her up much past half on the throttle, and you are having difficulty getting her to full speed, look in the carburetor with the intake boot off, and see if the diaphragm is going all the way up. If it fails to do so, it is torn or leaking and you have found your problem. These are pretty easy to replace and a must if you want to upgrade your engine's performance with performance parts or upgrades.

Mechanics Note : If you increase the size of your stock carb jet you will want to improve your air flow both in and out of the engine. For smaller upgrades replace the stock air filter with a Performance Air Filter for this engine.

gy6 engine parts diagram

If you upgrade beyond small adjustments you will want to install a Performance Exhaust to handle the increased combustion and minimize back flow issues. Altitude can play an issue in scooter performance. When you are dealing with elevation you will want to rejet to prevent your engine from siezing and requiring a rebuild. When the air is colder it requires bigger jets because cold air is more dense.

If it is 50 degrees colder you would increase your jet size at least one step up. If you don't your engine can sieze on you.GY6 cc Engine Parts. Parts for cc Go Karts. Most carburetors being offered are EPA carburetors that are not adjustable. This carburetor is adjustable with an exposed mixture screw to lean or rich the fuel mixture.

150cc Go Kart Parts

This replacement Carburetor is not adjusted for your engine. If so, you will need to remove the auto choke. Adjustable for easier access to the jets. Electric Auto Bystarter Choke. Complete Kit to Rebuild a cc Top End. Includes cc cylinder head, cylinder, piston, piston rings, piston pin and gaskets. Replaces Hammerhead Part 6. Genuine American Sportworks Old TJ Power Sports 6. Comes with keys. Charges battery.

Scooter Gearbox Explanation

Plugs into wiring harness and electric choke. This is the stock regulator used on all Hammerhead cc models and most American Sportworks cc karts. Depending on what cc model you have you might need to mount the regulator on the outside of the electric box. Used on all Hammerhead and models, except GT Hammerhead Part 6.

These are not interchangable.

GY6 Carburetor Gasket. Fuel Valve Petcock for cc.The first set of numbers above is the scooter engine code. The secondary number below is the engine's unique identification numbers engine registration numbers. The three digits and three letters set that follows is the important engine code that will cover here, and how to decipher these six-character codes.

All GY6 engines are a single-cylinder with single-piston, so this number will always be uno—one. So, parts are interchangeable as long as both are replaced cylinder and cylinder head from 1P and non-P.

gy6 engine parts diagram

But why? Because their so more upgrades available for non-P type engines include performance camshaft, etc. This shows the uno cylinder piston size in millimeters, for example, if the engine code is ". You can see there room for a bigger cylinder skirt thus it's piston size upgrade for the QMJ engine.

Another example: if it was a QMB the "39" would mean that it has a 39mm piston with a cylinder outer skirt of The sixth letter thereafter is code for engine displacement size measure in "cc" cubic centimeter. See the table below. Notice as each alphabetical order B-to-Y so is the engine displacement CC increases incrementally 10cc, 15cc, 25cc, 50cc, and cc.

Now, you can read and decipher most GY6's engine code out there. If you could let me know. I have 3 other engines as well clearly marked. I have a go cart with bad right no compression. The motor number is BD1P I need to order new rings. Thanks what size is motor.

Ive seen a video on youtube that the p code gy6 50cc id actually a 64 cc engine. How does a person figure out which motor to order for a Menards ys with a gy6 cc motor it doesnt seem like anyone wants to own up to this fine piece of equipment.

After getting a coil that worked off a Johnson boat motor, a solenoid off a ford pu it doesnt have enough compression to get rpms out of it. Is there a long block available for this beast. Menards knows nothing! Hi Freddie. I see you have the exact motor as I do. Did you ever figure anything out on it? Also was it by chance on a cc Helix go kart? Hey, wondering if you could help me. I have a little Sundiro Chinese quad.

It seems to be very similar to a gy6 engine.The stock Carburetors on Buggies range from 24mm to 26mm. The stock exhausts are very restrictive resulting in a significant loss of performance. They allow you to engage in. Get the right Tires. SizeBolt Pattern mm. Stock clutches are simply not very good. Dramatically increases Power and Speed by replacing the stock clutch. Easy to Install Dr. Teeth: 9; Length end to end 5; Length main case: 3.

Choosing lighter sliders for this variator will allow lower gearing to wind out more giving you a substantial increase in. Thank you for your patience. Sign In Register. Upgrade to 30 or 32mm. Racing Exhaust systems are designed to maximize performance for Faster acceleration and more Power. GTC, Dr Pulley. Recommended tire size 22x This Digital Speedo is an exciting upgrade for your Buggy with on-screen graphic display.

Easy to Install. Racing Variators increase both Take-off and Speed. Stay Updated. Join our mailing list and be the first to receive all the latest updates, sales news and offers from GoKarts USA. Enter email Your privacy is respected.From FleaBay to Craigslist to sketchy local dealers to the Flea markets all around the world in a million minor variations there are a ton of Chinese-made scooters out there with a common drive train design.

There's no single brand name for these since they're imported under tons of different badges and brands, but the core drive train and usually frame is the same, and these motors, in both their 50cc and cc variants are known as the GY It's widely thought and frequently marketed as a clone of a Honda design, but is in fact a Chinese original design, though some of the plants producing these motors use former Honda manufacturing equipment.

When properly prepared and worn-in these scooters are cost-effective, relatively simple, and relatively cheap and easy to maintain, and even fairly reliable with proper maintenance. Unfortunately they are often left inoperable by owners that don't know how to maintain them, poor dealer set-up, and a few cheaply made parts. There are many places online which can be of lots of help when trying to work on or understand these scooters, but it's fairly hard to know where to look for help, doubly so if you don't understand the way it works.

To that end, I'm going to explain from start to finish how the drive train on a 50cc GY6 scooter works, part by part. Most of this info can be applied to other motorcycles, scooters, and cars, and since these scooters are designed to be so simple they're a great place to learn from as well. So without further Adieu, lets look at the air box! The air box AKA air filter box and air filter hose is the first point in making power for the scooter.

It then filters the air with an oil-soaked foam air filter. The oil and generally porous nature of the filter allow air to flow through but catch the vast majority of trash in the air.

The air filter box will also usually have a small hose feeding into it from the front of the motor for gases building pressure in the motor to be burned off rather than just allowing them to vent into the air as an emission control mechanism. Carburetors are the point where the engine's fuel and air are mixed together. The ratio of this mixture is very important as too little will make the motor run hot or not at all and too much will make the engine run poorly or not at all.

gy6 engine parts diagram

When you hit the throttle you're allowing more fuel and air into the motor so it can burn with a bigger bang and make more power. That's the jist of it, but repair and modification of the way carbs work at the best of times requires some knowledge, disassembly, and a can of carb cleaner, but at the worst of times especially when trying to push more power out of them requires tuning, an understanding of the Venturi Effect, some math, research, and a little bit of luck and black magic.

The GY-6 carb has an electric choke as well, which is what the wire on it is attached to. This generally reduces the amount of air going into the motor some until it warms up, making it easier for the motor to start up when it's cold. Some people have reported this choke to be problematic, though it hasn't been in my experience with about 6 different scooters.

When trying to troubleshoot it, make sure it's insides are thoroughly cleaned and none of the carb's small brass orifices are obstructed. Definitely a viable option.

The intake manifold is essentially a rubber coated piece of aluminum pipe that connects the carb to the motor. It's held in place by two nuts for the motor and a hose clamp for the carb.

Like the air box over time the rubber can become hardened and make it difficult to put the carb back on when you pull it off. Below the intake manifold is the heat separator. It's essentially a piece of plastic that keeps the engine's heat from making the carb too hot to behave properly and is just between the intake manifold and "top" of the motor.

The whole point of the cylinder part of the motor is to blow up gas in a closed space. Do it wrong and the motor can either catch fire, knock holes in places that shouldn't have holes, bend the valves, or just not work at all.

gy6 engine parts diagram

Luckily this isn't something you need to mess with hardly ever.