Hi Fellows;From few days I have seen several people are complaining that their Mi devices are not getting connected to computer or youare not able to use the MTP mode USB for file transfer Mode even though all the options are ok. Mostly this case is happening with the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3. This error is coming after recent Windows Update. Even though by updating your USB drivers for the devices the issue is still there. So Guys i a have got a very simple fix for you all Dont worry, you dont need to download anything.

So are you getting excited This method Should work on other models too. From few days I have seen several people are complaining that their Mi devices are not getting connected to computer or youare not able to use the MTP mode USB for file transfer Mode even though all the options are ok.

Nice, this will be helpful at some point of time :. My phone lost its virginity to MIUI. Nice, thanks for sharing, will be helpful. Useful as well as Helpful Thread, Thanks for Sharing :. Thanks for share helpful thread. Hmmm,nice Usefull. MIUI 8. India 2nd year. Redmi 3S. APP scratch card. Independence Day. Power At Last. AP2 Livestream. Lucky Draw No. Mi Explorers. App Review. Xiaomi 7th Birthday. New Home. Fitness Guru. July replies in a month. Aug replies in a month.

Sep replies in a month. Oct replies in a month.As part of the Windows NT family of operating systems, Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system developed and released on July 29, by Microsoft.

Everyone is looking to upgrade their system to Windows 10 since its launch. The myriad of features and impressive user interface of Windows 10 make it a happening operating system but you can face minor issues while upgrading your system from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows This can be quite irritating especially when you are looking to transfer files from your phone to PC or recover deleted or lost Android data with computer by using Android Data Recovery software.

Some PCs offer Bluetooth functionality these days but bulk files can be seamlessly transferred only when connecting a device to your PC using a cable. However, the good news is that you can easily fix this problem with some viable solutions in almost no time. We are providing some of the best solutions to fix the issue if Windows 10 is not detecting Android phone:.

Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one. Many software and even hardware related issues can be easily fixed with this simple refresh. And some users have reported that after restarting their Android device or computer, they finally managed to solve the problem that their Android device was not detected by Windows Are you using the original cable of your phone?

If not, this might be the culprit. Also, some USB cables are designed for charging only. That means you can not connect your Android phone to computer for file transfer with this kind of USB cable. According to the previous experience of many Android users, enable USB debugging can sometimes help with this issue. When you connect the phone to Windows computer, your computer will automatically install the correct USB driver for your Android, so as to make the phone work properly on the computer.

But sometimes, your computer may fail to do that. Some users had tried switching on the Airplane mode on Android, and it was successfully recognized by the computer and they managed to transfer files without any problem. So that you can try this trick and just turn off the Airplane mode after finishing file transfer. This way can solve this problem at most cases.

This solution can only be applied to Samsung mobile phones, because it is only Samsung phones that come with Odin Mode, also known as Download mode. To enter into Odin mode, do the following:. All you have to do is to install the particular PC suite on your system and connect your phone after that.

This might not resolve the connection issues in all the cases but many users have found that the computer not recognizing phone problem has been fixed after installing its respective PC suite.

For example, users of Samsung mobile phones can download KIES software which they have specially developed for connecting their phones with all types of PCs. It actually works in some cases because these apps are braided with several functionalities that help to sync a phone with your computer.

We recommend you to try out an App named as Syncios which is a free app that lets you connect your phone with a PC. Moreover, it works well for both Android and iPhone so you need not worry about the brand and model of the phone you are using. Apart from Syncios, there are several other free apps that can be installed to connect your mobile to a PC, and you can easily find them on the Internet.You may use other Free PC Suite.

Mi max is not getting connected, and error, have to update your device first, before connecting with pc suite If Mi PC Suite is still not working for you, tried these alternatives?

I've installed previously HISuite from Huawei and it works fine with it. Try it Thanks.

mi phone not connecting to pc

Why I am not able to connect my Redmi note 3 to pc even my mobile is already stable in updates. Thank you for this great article and content. Download Xiaomi PC Suite. Redmi Note 4x cannot connect. Will try alternatives suggested above. Mine is mi note 5 so I used usb for photo transfer and it started to work. But it didn't worked on file transfer mode.

Mi PC Suite

Post a Comment. February 04, But lately, Mi PC Suite doesn't seems to be working for most people. Unknown June 13, at AM. JK July 13, at PM. Tech Yogesh July 7, at PM. JK August 11, at PM. Unknown July 12, at PM. Unknown July 13, at PM. Unknown July 14, at PM.

Vijay July 15, at PM. Unknown December 2, at PM. Unknown July 17, at AM. Unknown July 17, at PM. Techubber August 30, at PM. Unknown December 6, at AM. Anonymous July 18, at AM.

mi phone not connecting to pc

Unknown August 5, at PM. Anonymous August 9, at AM. JK September 9, at PM.The Samsung Galaxy Prevail release date was April Features and Specs include a 3. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far! Kcsuper Well-Known Member.

Something must be broken I just don't know what. It's not the rom cause I've used cm7, CTmod 2. I'm downloading Odin FA19 now but it won't be done for an hour because I'm only using 3g. I was having the same exact problem a few weeks back and it was my usb cable. Got a completely new cable and it worked right away. Heloguy Android Enthusiast.

See all the "Dos Devices" listed? You'll have one entry for each physically mounted drive HDD or Disc plus you'll have one show up for each USB drive you attempt to insert. Double click each device listed and see if you see text saying something like "U.

Once you find that device, right click it and select "Rename". Now change the drive letter to something unused Close regedit, disconnect the USB device and reconnect again. Mic Dem and manocskaa like this. I'm not sure you'll see this, but I just wanted to thank you.

mi phone not connecting to pc

This worked for me. Do you have any idea why? Just really, really curious. FWIW I'm on a Virgin Mobile LG phone, and was having the exact situation described in this thread -- cable is charging the phone, but computer would not recognize the phone when plugged into any of my 4 usb ports, or maybe more accurately, the phone would not present the usb notification, and therefore I was unable to synch, or otherwise transfer stuff from my phone to my computer, etc.

I changed the drive letter of the usb port I normally plug my phone into as per your instructions, and voila, it's working. It remains to be tested whether it will continue working day after day, hence the reason I'd love to hear WHY this works.Even though most of us have access to broadband Internet and various cloud services, lots of people still prefer to physically connect their phone to the computer to transfer files.

In this guide I will show you how to connect Android to PC. This is, without doubt, the quickest and the safest method to transfer music or documents between our devices. Unfortunately, sometimes not everything is working OK and users experience different USB connection problems. Some of you report that your phone is not showing up on PC even though it's been connected or that the computer is not recognizing the phone.

Based on lots of your questions I have managed to create the list of possible fixes of USB connection problems and I am happy to share it with you here. If you use different operating systems than Android and Windows, please post your question in the comment box.

I will do my best to find the solution for you. Before you move on with this tutorial, I need you to at first check if the number one reason and fix of the problem works for you. The top reason why your computer is not recognizing your phone is the faulty USB cable. That's why the first thing I want you to do is take a different USB cable and try to connect your Android phone to your computer once again.

For most of you at least one of the fixes present here will work. Based on literally hundreds of questions I have received from you over a few years, I have created the list of top USB connection problems you experience and described possible fixes to each one. After dealing with a really big number of USB computer connection problems with either my own devices I am a heavy Android user or devices of my friends, I've come up with the following list.

Please note that the list is OPEN and you can add a new fix to it any time. Just let me know!

I always suggest starting form them because they are also the most common ones and can save you a lot of time and peace of mind. People often struggle and get nervous when their devices become unresponsive while all they need to do is reboot their phone or computer. If you've been using your computer or Android phone for a long time, you should start from rebooting both of them.

In the video below, you can see how to restart your Android phone I know the video is a bit obsolete but I will soon shoot a new one :. I cannot count how many times all the weird problems magically disappeared once I ran an update of my phone. Is your computer not recognizing your phone? It may be all because of your computer which is not up to date.

Sometimes outdated system most often Windows will not recognize any Android device or any USB device or will keep disconnecting them.

mi phone not connecting to pc

Below of the screenshot from settings on Windows 10 the automatic update is enabled here by default. In most cases when nothing works, this method DOES work. Remember that USB debugging is intended for advanced users who know they are doing.

It allows you to directly access your phone, transfer and install apps without notification. Here is what you need to do to allow USB debugging in your phone:. This is the fix that one of my visitors suggested. I see that it can help in some cases especially if you have an older Android phone which has less RAM memory. If the memory of your phone is getting low, it will become slower or unresponsive.

The best way to deal with it is free up some memory. Sometimes it's your PC that goes dumb because it "remembers" a lot of different USB devices and has drivers for each one of them. If many people use your computer and plug in different USB devices e. That's why when you plug in your Android device the computer doesn't recognize it. However, thanks to USBDeview you can download it hereyou can easily manage all your devices and uninstall the unnecessary ones.

Here's what you need to do:. The advice here is to manually download software for your device from the website of its manufacturer. Any newer Android phone with Android above 5.Oct 15, AM via Website.

Mi PC Suite is the one and only phone manager application for Xiaomi devices. But most of the time users complain that Mi PC Suite does not detect their devices.

Top 14 Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Doesn’t Recognize Android Phone

In here you can find useful solutions for that matter. Mi PC Suite is the phone manager for Xiaomi devices. This Windows-based application was designed by Xiaomi company to convince their user at Xiaomi device management.

Mi PC Suite 3. But this version was released in Chinese language and non-Chinese users had to convert it into English. When the Xiaomi device is connected to the computer Mi PC Suite says "Update your device before connecting" though there are no new updates.

This error will be fixed in upcoming PC suite updates. Because developers are working on it. But no new updates are available. Try following solutions.

Feb 12, AM via Website. I want to know when this will be fixed? Feb 23, PM via Website. My Xiomi Redmi note 8 is having technical fault and i downloaded Mi PC suite latest version available on the web, but still having connection issue not resolve for one and half years.

Really disappointing. Feb 24, AM via Website. Mar 21, PM via Website. Here is the solution that how you can PC suite not detecting the phone.

From the website Follow this article. No more failures now the issue is fixed completely. Apr 16, AM via Website. Problem still persists, and the link to the article we should follow is not written in your post. We use cookies on our websites. Information about cookies and how you can object to the use of cookies at any time or end their use can be found in our privacy policy.

To the AndroidPIT homepage. Alexandra Davidson. Forum posts: Reply More Link to post. Burfitt Tools. Forum posts: 2. Because developers are working on it I want to know when this will be fixed? Yes, thanks 0 No. Forum posts: 1.Mi A2. When connected using usb to laptop or computer, the phone shows usb not connected under settings-connected devices. The phone starts getting charged but I do not get a drop-down in the slider to select usb transfer.

Even the laptop does not detect any connected device. I have tried connecting it ot different laptops and with a different usb type-c cable as well but that also did not work. The laptops used had both usb 2. The phone gets charged properly when connected to the charger provided in the box and shows charging rapidly. The earphones also work absolutely fine when connected via the provided type-c to audio connector.

The phone is brand new and is still on Oreo. I looked for solutions using google for the issue - and enabling and disabling usb debigging also did not fix the issue. Althought the phone is new, I performed a Master Reset and that also did not help.

Any quick help is appreciated. Thank you! Dear User At first update your device then try it again and give feedback. Tanvir Ahammad replied at Dear User At first update your device then try it again and give feedback. Tanvir Ahammad replied at I think your phone isn't official product. I have one A2 with the same problem. The Seller has not offered me the return of terminal nor change this seems a common problem.

Content Policy. Hi Tanvir, I had ordered 2 MiA2s. In the mean time, I have contacted the seller amazon and waiting for them to get back to me I think your phone isn't official product.